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Must Do Things When in Berne

Must Do Things When in Berne

The beautiful city of Berne (also known as Bern) is the capital city of Switzerland. This city is fifth populous city in the country, after Zürich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne. Bern also serves as the capital of ‘Canton of Berne’. This city is believed to be founded by the Duke Berchtold V of Zähringen on the River Aare in the year 1191. In addition, it is alleged that Bern was named after a bear…

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Destinations You Must See Before They Disappear

Destinations You Must See Before They Disappear

Traveling to any place is a fun experience. In fact, exploring exotic destinations is one of the major objectives for a true traveler. Mother Nature as well as man (early men) has built some of the stunning places and monuments in the world. It has always been said that like every good movie everything should be ended. This is quite similar in the case of few exotic destinations present in the…

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Tips to Kill the Time at Airport during Flight Delay

Tips to Kill the Time at Airport during Flight Delay

Imagine that you are sitting at the airport waiting to board your flight and looking forward to reach your destination as soon as possible. Every now and then, you look at the announcement board and breathe a sigh of relief that your flight is on time, but within few minutes you hear an announcement that your flight departure has been delayed for any reason and it will be rescheduled shortly.…

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How Maldives is a Paradise for Honeymooners

How Maldives is a Paradise for Honeymooners

Wedding surrounds you with friends, acquaintances, relatives, loved ones and not-so-loved ones, who come to bless you on your special day. After passing through the exhausting rituals and activities of wedding, you must have lost sleep in deciding for ideal venue, appropriate menu, décor and attires. Now this is your honeymoon time when you are seeking to spend some private moments with your.…

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Visit Mauritius for Adventurous Experiences

Visit Mauritius for Adventurous Experiences

An island with exotic natural jewels and scenic vistas, a honeymoon paradise, and an oasis of peace and tranquility, Mauritius is everything that you expect from a magical holiday destination. Mauritius trip is not all about eating, resting, rejuvenating and relaxing. It is a paradise that allows you to enjoy unlimited fun and unlimited pleasurable moments with beachside water sports activities…

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Popular Historical Sites in Delhi

Popular Historical Sites in Delhi


The national capital city of India, Delhi is not only an urban city but it is also a city that displays an incredible blend of rich history with ultra-modern technologies. Due to history, Delhi has a rich cultural heritage. Delhi’s heritage can be identified in its spectacular forts, mosques and other historical monuments that were constructed during the reign of Mughals and beyond the ancient…

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Gateways in India Giving Complete Refreshment

Gateways in India Giving Complete Refreshment

Vacations are refreshment but can be stressful sometime if everything doesn’t work as per your plan. During planning a vacation, people often forget about the main thing they are all about: relaxation. So, you should absolutely explore about your trip whether your idea of holidaying is lounging beachside, yoga and meditation, or going for adventurous wildlife tour. If you are planning a tour in…

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Ganesh Chaturthi – A Grand Festival of Maharashtra

Ganesh Chaturthi – A Grand Festival of Maharashtra

Ganpati Bappa

You can experience the real spirit of Mumbai on the arrival of Ganesh Chaturthi. The wonderful religious festival creates an atmosphere of celebration in complete Maharashtra. The grand festival is celebrated by about each and every household of Maharashtra. Though it is also celebrated in other Indian states; however, the massive festivity of Maharashtra is just overwhelming. Colorful…

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Darjeeling Monasteries – An Extravaganza for Serene Vacations

Darjeeling Monasteries – An Extravaganza for Serene Vacations

Darjeeling is a wonderful destination and relaxing getaway to be snuggled amidst the Shivalik hills of Himalayas in the state of West Bengal. It is an ideal place for people in search of rendezvous with nature and some moments in peace. In Darjeeling, you will get mesmerized its scenic splendor and endless natural beauty. You can experience here motivating culture and religious diversity. People…

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Air India Offers Tickets for Rs. 100; Booking Begins from Today

Air India Offers Tickets for Rs. 100; Booking Begins from Today

New Delhi: Flying will never be cheaper than this, when India’s national carrier Air Indiais offering air tickets for Rs. 100 (taxes will be applicable) on the occasion of its annual day, ‘Air India Day’ which will be celebrated today. The sale of this special five day offer will begin from August 27 to August 31 and will be valid for booking for travel during the period of August 27, 2014 to…

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