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EaseMyTrip.com Produces Music Video “Raafta Raafta” Ft. Singer & Rapper -Harshit Tomar

raafta2EaseMyTrip.comhas recently produced a full music video “Raafta Raafta” by Harshit Tomar. This music video is just another step to enter into the entertainment sector and we will surely produce many of such videos in the future as well. The song is written and sung by popular singer and rapper ‘Harshit Tomar’ with grooving beats given by none other than JSL. This glamorous music video showcases…

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Best Place to Celebrate Janmashtami in India

Best Place to Celebrate Janmashtami in India

Janmashtami is the birthday celebration of Lord Krishna, which usually falls in the month of August or September. This festival is celebrated specially in Northern & Western India among Hindus. On the special eve of Janmashtami, people fast until midnight and then worship the idol of Lord Krishna. The festival is celebrated throughout India and abroad but some places celebrate it in an exclusive…

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Places to Be Visited on Independence Day

Places to Be Visited on Independence Day

Independence Day in 2014 is coming with a long weekend and giving you the opportunity to enjoy a great time with family or friends. One should definitely take the advantage of these days of the month of August and try something unusual or something nationalistic. So, what can be done? Why not visit a place that reminds us of the sacrifices made behind this independence. Each part of India has…

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Gift Your Sibling a Tour Package on Raksha Bandhan

Gift Your Sibling a Tour Package on Raksha Bandhan

The beautiful festival of Raksha Bandhan comes with lots of expectations, promises and love between brother & sisters. It becomes difficult to decide that what to give your best secret-keepers who are none other than your siblings. Choosing a gift and giving it to the person you love the most and fight with is really an experience. If you are confused about what to give your sweet sister or…

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Easy Trip Planners Pvt. Ltd. Received “Best Online Travel Agency” – by India Travel Awards 2014

Easy Trip Planners Pvt. Ltd. Received “Best Online Travel Agency” – by India Travel Awards 2014

Pune, 25th July, 2014: Easy Trip Planners Pvt. Ltd., a leading travel agency of India, received “Best Online Travel Agency” – by India Travel Awards 2014 due to its success as one of the best online travel agencies of India.  The award ceremony was held at the Novotel Hotel, Pune in presence of various dignitaries. In a few years of existence, EaseMyTrip.comhas witnessed great success by offering…

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EaseMyTrip.com is Co-Producing ‘Mumbai 125 KM’ with Film Director Hemant Madhukar

EaseMyTrip.com is Co-Producing ‘Mumbai 125 KM’ with Film Director Hemant Madhukar

Mumbai, 20th July, 2014: Hemant Madhukar – a son of veteran film producer and director K. Baburao recently joined hands with CEO of EaseMyTrip.com Nishant Pitti. Hemant Madhular is currently film maker and owner of Light & Shadow Films who has been associate directors of few Telugu & Hindi films.  mumbai125 km

EaseMyTrip.com, a leading travel portal of India, signed a 3-films deal with Film Director Hemant…

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Where to Go for Monsoon Holidays in India

Where to Go for Monsoon Holidays in India

India is a land of diversified seasons and after scorching summer heat, monsoon becomes a season that is eagerly awaited by everyone. Monsoons provide solace to the people and they start longing to enjoy a beautiful lush green atmosphere. If you are also wondering to plan a holiday in this monsoon, go ahead with your idea. Monsoon transforms India into a green haven with bounty of nature. Getting…

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Best Places for Eid Celebration in India

Best Places for Eid Celebration in India

India is a country of multi-religions and people are free here to celebrate their festivals and fairs as per their traditions and rituals with much fervor and enthusiasm. As the holy month of Ramadan has come to an end, Indian Muslims are all set to celebrate their biggest festival known as Eid-ul-Fitr or simply Eid. The festival is known for celebrating love and togetherness between friends and…

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Things to Do When in Rio de Janeiro

Things to Do When in Rio de Janeiro

Commonly referred to as Rio is the capital city of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The city is the second largest city of Brazil as well as the third largest metropolitan area and agglomeration in South America. The city was founded in 1565, by the Portuguese and was initially the seat of the Captaincy of Rio de Janeiro of the Portuguese Empire. In fact, Rio de Janeiro is amongst the most visited…

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Must Visit Places When in Madhya Pradesh

Must Visit Places When in Madhya Pradesh

Called as the ‘Heart of India’, maybe because of its strategic location, Madhya Pradesh is a popular tourist state. This stunning state has a number of must-visit places that will let the visitor explore Indian culture at its best. There are many destinations in this state where you will find the perfect blend of art, history, culture and architecture. The state has been there since the…

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